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“My name is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I had a father but he is dead. I have a mother but she is dead to me. I have a brother and I will bind him to me. I have a sister and I will teach her to love me. My name is Jonathan, but everyone calls me Sebastian. And I am going to burn down the world.”

We are the last of the Morgensterns.

"I’ve never felt so … light."




nephilim week; day one [favourite character]

sebastian (jonathan christopher) morgenstern


I’m not saying Xavier Samuel or Evan Peters should play Sebastian.



But Xavier Samuel or Evan Peters should play Sebastian.


Don’t remind me about Sebastian. My heart breaks for the man he could have been. T_T Just so you know, I can’t forgive Sebastian. He has killed a lot of innocent people and caused too much grief and destruction. But I mourn for the fact that he was deprived his humanity before he was even born. He could have been a great shadowhunter, but more than that, he could have been a good son, brother, or parabatai to someone.

so this is how Jocelyn feels. I know he’s fictional but still…



cohf: favorite moments


"I never existed at all. Heavenly fire burns away that which is evil. Jace survived Glorious because he is good. There was enough of him left to live. But I was born to be all corruption. There is not enough left of me to survive. You see the ghost of someone who could have been, that is all."

–Sebastian speaking to Clary as Jonathan, briefly before he died, City of Heavenly Fire (straight from wikia)

I never thought I would feel sorry for Sebastian/Jonathan (maybe Jonathan but not Seb) I mean, he was literally robbed of his humanity and childhood. I know everyone blames him for all the damage he has done, I do too, but I also blame Valentine. He did that to his own son. Also Jocelyn lost her son twice. That was even more upsetting. If Jonathan was normal, maybe Clary and him would have been raced in New York together maybe he could have been someone’s parabatai. He was robbed of a proper shadowhunter life.

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